Medical Services

First Aid and Event Medical Services are one of the most important parts of any organised event.

The safety of the general public who attend such events and those taking part is the responsibility of the event or venue manager. The following quote is taken from The Event Safety Guide (HMSO)

“Event organisers must ensure a competent organisation is appointed to manage medical services at an event” , and that “this organisation should be experienced in the medical management of similar events”

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Ambulance Services
We are able to provide fully kitted ambulances along with HCPC Paramedics and IHCD Ambulance Technicians.
Cycle Response Units
Cycle response units are designed to be staffed by medics at a minium “First Responder” level. At this level, staff can give advanced first aid, with additional skills like enhanced fracture and bleed management, additional skills to be used during a resuscitation, and ability to take and understand patient observations. This means that patients can gain a better level of care at the point of incident and can be more appropriately triaged by cycle responders and assess if they can be discharged at scene or need further medical care. The equipment cycle responders carry does change depending on the event or level of medic, however often items like AED’s, airways, catastrophic bleeding kits and additional emergency medications can be found in the pannier of a CRU.
Medical Centres
We are able to provide fully kitted medical centres.
We are able to provide A&E nurses to cover any event
First Aiders & First Responders
Our first aiders are trained in event first aid, moving and handling and use of an AED.

First Responders are trained to FREC level and are able to treat a a range of prehospital care emergencies, such as: managing a patient’s airways, catastrophic bleeding, management of fractures, medical emergencies and more.

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